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"My parents brought me into Kabir Chiropractic after struggling with migraines, vertigo and stomach aches for several months. I had been seen by several doctors and specialists with no relief or answers. I had missed 32 days of school in one semester. With the help of Kabir Chiropractic I am now pain-free. I sleep better, my energy levels have improved and I am back to normal activities including attending all classes again, band and PE."

- Nate

"When I first began receiving chiropractic care, I was 13 years old and was going to a different chiropractor, than Dr. Kabir. At the time I was playing competitive basketball and had recently dislocated my knee cap. I had major knee, ankle, foot, and lower back pain from the stresses of the sport. However, even though I was receiving chiropractic care, my pain would not go away. No matter how many times I would go a week, it it seemed my pain was to bad to be fixed. With this in mind, we decided that maybe I should switch chiropractor to see if that was the reason for my consistent pain. We decided to begin seeing Dr. Kabir and after my first couple adjustments my knee, ankle, feet, and lower back pain began to go away. I started coming for adjustments twice a week, to once a week, and now only once every two weeks. Since beginning my chiropractor care here, I have been pain free. I am 18 years old now and since, I have left basketball behind and am currently doing Crossfit. Chiropractic care has helped me avoid alternative to pain management, live a healthy lifestyle, and continue to compete in crossfit. And of course this is all thanks to the BEST CHIROPRACTOR EVER, and the AMAZING staff. ;)"

- Rachel

"Dr. Kabir and his staff are great! Following an initial evaluation of my overall nervous system, I was surprised at what condition my health situation was in. After my first adjustment, I felt an immediate change in my neck. This is my 8th week and I'm noticing that the adjustments have improved movement in my knee, and I have improved balance and strength during my exercise workouts. It is great to visit such a positive place that provides whole-body wellness. I look forward to the second half of my scheduled plan of action!"

- Polly

"Having been fairly skeptical about the Chropractic profession, it was a big step from me to give it a try. I am a runner and have run seven marathons and was referred to Dr. Kabir by a fellow runner. My reason for the initial visit was to see if he could help me with continued pain in my lower back, buttocks, and feet that had been persistently getting in the way of my training. I had tried many other things and to be honest was very frustrated with my lack of progress.

From the start, Dr. Kabir was great to work with. He completed a thorough evaluation and indicated that he would let me know if he thought he could help me. Through the whole process I did not feel any pressure to start the treatments and he was great about giving me the facts and how he thought he could help me. To make a long story short, I am basically, running pain free and I attribute that directly to the adjustments I get from Dr. Kabir, as well as Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Massages from Kara Tiede, The two processes compliment one another and have improved my overall health, including flexibility and muscle pliability.

I strongly recommend Dr. Kabir and Kara, whether you are an athlete or an average Joe. My biggest recommendation would be to not wait as long as I did before seeking them out."

- Robert

"For a year and a half I had experienced pain in my lower back and hip along with numbness in the left leg that had grown progressively more and more troublesome. I found it difficult to walk, stand or even lay in bed to sleep...leading me to sleep most of the time in a chair.

After x-rays, a medical doctor's diagnosis was that I had arthritis of the hip and lumbar spine. He proceeded to tell me that there was really nothing that could be done, primarily due to my size. The medical doctor suggested physical therapy and went on to say even over time there was no assurance with that type of therapy.

A friend from church suggested I see Dr. Kabir for a consultation. So armed with x-rays I made the appointment...this proved to be a wonderful decision! In just 90 days the low back pain I had been experiencing had disappeared and the numbness in my leg was gone!! I can walk much better and my ability to stand for a period of time has greatly improved!

Dr. Kabir has been a blessing to me, not only has he facilitated pain relief, but he also has genuine concern for my overall health. He suggested some simple dietary changes that will also improve my health and help in weight loss. Thank God for Dr. Kabir has helped me to accomplish in such a short period of time! I can honestly say I would recommend Kabir Center for Health to anyone looking for relief; they are all very friendly and caring folks."


"I came to Dr. Kabir on January 25th with extreme lower back pain and leg pain. I would get extremely painful spasms if I turned or moved the wrong way. Everyday activities were difficult to accomplish. I couldn't sleep more than two hours without waking up in pain. I was miserable! I was assessed with severe subluxations of the lower spine and subluxations of the neck and upper back areas. I began seeing Dr. Kabir three times a week for adjustments. Dr. Kabir also took time to educate me on what was happening with my body and why. Upon his advice, I started taking Omega-3's, eating healthy foods, and drinking plenty of water. Slowly, my pain has disappeared and my energy level is up. My adjustments are now down to once a week. Three months ago it was all I could do to walk to my car and now I am walking for exercise and taking yoga! I have more energy and emotionally I feel great! All thanks to Dr. Kabir, I am able to live my life again...pain free!

I'm at an age where things start falling apart. I listen to my friends and I discuss things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, back pain, foot pain, and all sorts of ailments. Dr. Kabir made me realize I had to make a choice to do something or I was going to be one of those people. Listening to Dr. Kabir explain why we have these ailments and what we can do just by taking care of ourselves the right way made sense. I thank Dr. Kabir for his services, caring attitude, words of encouragement, and the knowledge he has shared. I enjoy every visit to his office and I know my health is in good hands. I am forever grateful."

- Renee

"I have been getting adjustments from Dr. Kabir since 2002. Chiropractic attention literally got me walking shortly after my first baby was delivered, and I've been going ever since! I have little to no back or neck pain, and the number of headaches I get has been greatly reduced. He even adjusts my jaw to help with my TMJ! I would highly recommend Dr. Kabir to anyone seeking chiropractic care."

- Jana

"I just wanted to share that I have been very pleased with your support and services during my time of recovery. While under your care I received professional and personalized attention. I appreciate the approach that was taken with the combination of Chiropractic adjusments, Massage Therapy, Dietary Consulting and Flexibility in scheduling appointments!

I was not looking for a quick fix or to pop a pill to get well. What I received was a personalized plan to get my body back in position to compete, at my full potential, in triathlons. This has been accomplished with some great results for this season!

Dr. Kabir, Kara and Staff, you all have been great!"


"It had been a while since anyone had listened to what I had to say about my own daughter's health, until I went to see Dr. Kabir. It was a recommendation from a friend. Of course, I was very hesitant and a skeptic, as with any doctor. We had been through Doctors, Specialists, and procedure after procedure, chasing down my 3 year old daughter's diagnosis, which never seemed to appear!

I had completed a journal of my daughter's health history and I shared it with Dr. Kabir. His words to me were, "I see this all the time." In those few words I felt like someone had actually listened to me. We went through a detailed plan on how to get my daughter to a better energy level and a better level overall health. This plan included diet, education on how our body heals, an an overhaul on her nervous system!

It's not easy and we are still changing, but Dr. Kabir is helping my whole family feel better and maintain our health. My daughter has not been to a Physician for any major illness since we started going to Kabir Center for Health, along with the rest of the family!

Dr. Kabir's staff has been wonderful, understanding and non-pressuring which is what I appreciated most!

In the end it was simply one choice we made and one in which I have no regret."

- Sharon (mother), Keelin (daughter), Age 5, Avery (daughter), Age 4

"Having been a chiropractic patient myself for over 27 years, I have had all my children adjusted at one point or another. As a mother you want your children to be healthy. My daughter Teaghan was diagnosed with asthma at the age of one and spent 5 days in the hospital with RSV in March of 2005. After coming home from the hospital I then set up a more consistent schedule of Chiropractic adjustments. I am happy to say that after only nine months Teaghan had no asthma symptoms and has been very healthy over the past six years! Many thanks to Dr. Kabir for helping my daughter have a healthier body!"


"My oldest daughter, Allison, had been suffering occasional headaches. They started when she was 5 years old. Allison usually complained of the headaches when she was coloring, so I thought that they were related to visual or postural triggers. After taking her to the pediatrician and the optometrist, neither of whom could find anything wrong, I took her to see Dr. Kabir. Dr. Kabir provided a treatment plan and began her regimen of care. Allison stated to felt immediately better following her first adjustment! With just a few adjustments her headaches disappeared completely! Now my whole family see's Dr. Kabir for regualr Chiropractic Care!"

- Debra

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