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We are so excited to be adding to our Enhanced Regenerative Services. Introducing EmSculpt Neo to Kabir Center for Health in Bloomington IL!

The First of its Kind in Bloomington IL

EmSculpt Neo is a breakthrough in non-invasive body sculpting and shaping. This revolutionary procedure simultaneously delivers heat and magnetic energy resulting in more fat reduction and more muscle growth compared to any single gold standard product.

How it Works

EmSculpt Neo is the world’s first and only technology that uses radiofrequency (RF) and high intensity focused electromagnetic field (HIFEM) to eliminate fat and build muscle non-invasively in one single application. The RF component delivers various levels of heat to underlying structures; skin, fat, and muscle. HIFEM elicits external muscle contractions of supra-physiological nature. The unique combination of muscle contractions and heating by EmSculpt Neo has multiple synergistic effects making the simultaneous treatment more effective than any stand alone or consecutive application.

Fat Burning

In less than four minutes the temperature in fat reaches levels that cause fat cells to lose their cellular viability and enter a natural permanent deletion that are then digested by immune cells, which clear the degraded cell debris to maintain tissue homeostasis. As a result, the number of fat cells in the treated area is significantly reduced. On average 30% less fat.

Muscle warm-up & Supramaximal Contraction

The muscle temperature rises by several degrees, like what a warm-up activity does before a workout. Muscles in the treated area are contracted at intensities that are not achievable during routine exercise.

Radio Frequency heats the muscle, which causes increased blood flow, oxygen, and nutrient delivery into the active tissue and strained muscle fibers. This process promotes faster regeneration and growth of muscle fiber.

High intensity frequency electromagnetic induced supramaximal muscle contractions trigger muscle tissue hypertrophy. During the treatment, muscle fibers are stretched and relaxed with high frequency and intensity leading to micro-ruptures, signal molecules are released to activate regenerative and muscle growth processes to strengthen the muscle. Muscle derived stem cells are then activated by intense muscle exercise but also heat, these are responsible for myofiber, development, and renewal. Those stem cells also support existing muscle fibers, or to generate new muscle fibers. On average 25% more muscle.

What to expect

Your first appointment will be a consultation and assessment to go over where you currently are and what you are desiring to get out of EmScuplt. These are thirty-minute sessions of fat burning muscle building downtime for you. No anesthesia or surgery, two therapies in one treatment to help assist you in reaching your body shaping goals. EmScuplt Neo individually tailored treatments can help you eliminate fat and build muscle on various body parts. See the graphic for a better visual of the body parts that EmScuplt Neo can treat.

What you can expect after Treatment

The fat cells are slowly removed from the body and the strained muscle fibers initiate a growth process. This results in fat elimination and muscle building. Results may vary from person to person so results cannot be predicted. Completing a full treatment series is necessary to maximize treatment efficacy. This device can also improve, strengthen, tone and firm, abdomen, buttock, thighs, calves, and arms. No recovery time required. Typically, you can get back to your daily routine right after the treatment. No special diet is required, but we do encourage you to eat healthy and keep hydrated to help recovery and promote and maintain results.

Everyone can benefit from more muscle and less fat. Look at the before and after photos below and when you are ready to schedule a consultation give us a call at (309) 663-7011.

Chiropractic Bloomington IL Belly Before And After
Chiropractic Bloomington IL Butt Before And After

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