Red Light Therapy in Bloomington IL

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The HyperT Pro in Bloomington IL is the most advanced whole-body wellness pod available, incorporating both thermal & non-thermal technology. It offers many benefits to help aid you in your ability to live optimal. Here are a few.

- Red Light Therapy

What makes Hypert Pro Unique?

  • Far-infrared heat
  • Red & Near-infrared light therapy (Photobiomodulation)
  • Dynamic dry heat with convection (hot-air blower)
  • Face cooling with Himalayan salt & ionic air infused with 93% pure oxygen
  • Dual-motor body massage (vibration)

Chiropractic Bloomington IL Red Light BedBenefits of HyperT Pro

The HyperT Pro offers the most LEDs (720) in a thermal pod. Red & Near-infrared light exposure offers "red light therapy" benefits such as improved skin tone while reducing oxidative stress and increasing ATP (energy) through Photobiomodulation.

The HyperT uses a limited number of LEDs. The red light therapy exposure is minimal, but with long-term use may have positive results. For true full body red light therapy, review the TheraLight 360 HD and TheraLight FIT HD.

- Thermal Exercise and Weight Management

Most traditional saunas are challenged in their ability to heat our core body temperature to an effective degree for optimal "post sauna" metabolism and detox. With the user’s head inside the sauna, high temperatures cannot be tolerated when the head becomes overheated. Therapy treatment parameters and benefits are limited since the head cannot be independently cooled. The HyperT keeps the head outside the pod and under constant cooling which allows for higher core body temperatures.

- Massage and Relaxation

Enjoy a relaxing duel-motor massage of your upper and lower body, while breathing ionic himalayan salt, oxygen- enriched air while your stress melts away with a vibrational massage of your entire body.

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