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"It all started one day with a negative, venting comment to Kara..."I'm sick of this."Through her infinite wisdom and encouragement, I decided to give Nutrition Response Testing a try. I had been living with migraines 3-4 times per week, an extra 30 lbs or so that I just couldn't shed, and zero energy. I had tried every remedy around for my migraines...medications, Swedish massage, acupuncture, and in desperation even agreed to 17 cortisone shots, directly in my neck. As far as the weight, I was eating the way I believed was best for me, but I was about to find out, I didn't really know my body as much as I thought.

After 3 months of doing Nutrition Response Testing, my migraines reduced to one every couple of weeks and now...after a year, I can happily say that I can't remember the last migraine I had. This was a statement I feared I'd never say. I've lost a total of 35lbs, stopped taking all my previously prescribed medications (including my Hormone Replacement Therapy), reduced if not eliminated my seasonal allergies, and my energy has regained its youth. I HAVE MY QUALITY OF LIFE BACK! The changes that I adopted have transcended to the eating in my house and I've seen amazing differences in my children's health as well as attitudes. I have been privileged to share my story with many who were willing to listen and in turn seen other's transformations as they embark on the same journey. My Mom, daughter, and at least 3 close friends have each experienced their own success with Nutrition Response Testing.

I won't profess that the program didn't challenge me at times but with every challenge met, I became healthier and more confident. Kara is a true health professional that not only wants to see everyone succeed but truly invests her mind, body, and soul into each person that crosses her path! I am honored to have her as my health and wisdom provider!

So when are you going to start your journey? The time is NOW... you're worth it!"

-Cara G.

"I have always fought allergies, migraines, and endometriosis. Twelve years ago after being diagnosed with endometriosis, I had laparoscopic surgery to remove the wayward endometrial tissue. So I know that I am lucky to be the proud mother of two beautiful daughters. I also know that I am lucky to have conceived them without hormone injections, drugs, or science! After having my first daughter I lost the baby weight and started back on birth control to help with the endometriosis and make it easy to conceive again. After the birth of my second child the issues began! I was put on Depo-Lupron shots to help with my endometriosis. It was my last option since we still thought about conceiving more children. I had already tried all the combinations of pills and they didn't work or produced severe side effects. Well Depo-Lupron helped and did what it was supposed to… Along with a repeat of health issues, weight gain and acne. I was the statistic of five pounds every shot! My allergies increased to the point of medication every day and allergy shots. I didn't have any energy which I assumed was part of working full time and mothering two children. After deciding we had the perfect family and didn't need any more children I spoke with my OBGYN about my options, she performed a couple of procedures. I knew it would take time for all the drugs to leave my body once I stopped the injections and other medications. I thought the weight gain and break outs would disappear once I stopped… I was WRONG!

At a birthday party in June, just three months after stopping the injections I took a picture with a friend at her birthday party. I couldn't believe how much I looked like someone else! In August when I did back to school shopping, another surprise: SIZE 16! I cannot even tell you the last time I weighed myself at home but I know I was over 180 lbs. I had no energy and extra weight quickly turns into low self esteem and a bad attitude. I started doing Zumba and was slowly losing weight. The acne was not improving and I still had no energy. Next I joined Cardio Kick…still no energy! Luckily I ran into a friend and in talking she told me about Kabir Center for Health. I began chiropractic care again (I have been adjusted off and on since high school) and soon started Nutrition Response Testing with Kara.

I will be the first to admit it is hard in the beginning. It isn't just about diet but the other things that are harming your body (immune challenges, chemicals, heavy metals, etc). It is a lifestyle change, a rethinking of sorts! For me the biggest change was the crazy cravings disappearing and more energy. I don't think I would have continued with the program if I had only been losing weight, it was more about feeling better. It was easy to follow the recommendations on food because I wasn't counting calories, watching points, or any other diet you could think of. I was already reading labels because of food sensitivities/allergies so I just added on what came up for me in my Nutrition Response Testing. I had a parasite that was draining my energy but also created a sweet tooth. By Christmas break I needed new clothes because I couldn't hold my pants up with a belt! Actually the last straw was when my pants fell off in the kitchen. I basically walked right out of them! My daughters laughed hysterically! So shopping over break came with a size 10 surprise. A bonus I was extremely happy with… I was full of energy and thriving! I don't remember feeling this good EVER!

People at work started commenting; at first I was upset but soon I realized they had never seen me before the baby & depo weight. Thankfully my husband remembered my pre-baby self, my best friend was awesome even making sure that I always had options when we ate lunch/dinner together. At first they could not believe that something as simple as eliminating foods and adding nutritional supplements could give results like this. When my mom came to visit at Spring Break she knew that I had lost weight but she didn't know how I looked… My mom was amazed at the transformation. She could tell that I had better moods, more energy, and was even a bit jealous about the weight loss (of course not in a bad way). She visited the office several times while here which inspired her return to chiropractic care and is beginning to eat better and is avoiding processed/refined foods. She saw what I see in the staff at KCH, a support system. Rhonda is forever my ray of sunshine and cheerleader; Dr. Kabir has kept me grounded by little comments here & there; Kara always has the time and answers to my crazy questions; and I won't forget Minnie, she is always the entertainment for my daughters (who receive chiropractic care as well). I truly am amazed at what they do every day.

I am happy to report a few new side effects: almost no allergy symptoms this Spring, healthier children, and less illness! I am now at least 40lbs lighter and a size 6/8. I am eating as best as I am able, especially because I can tell a difference in the foods my body doesn't like/need. That doesn't mean I am always perfect J After all as a school teacher the parents are always feeding us!...actually I do try to continue to set a good example for my girls. I also know that everyone at work is watching to see if the changes reverse, especially those that are skeptics of anything outside of mainstream. More importantly I stay true to who I want to be. I like the energy, the happiness, and the new body doesn't hurt. I didn't begin Nutrition Response Testing to lose a huge amount of weight but rather to increase my energy to keep up with my girls and to show them how important taking care of yourself is…I have both those things and more! I have given them a good foundation to living a healthy life!"

-Kari H.

"After having 4 kids in 5 years, I was so busy taking care of everyone else that I forgot about taking care of me! I had chronic urinary tract infections, terrible headaches, and I was on anti-depressants but still felt depressed. I was exhausted! I was 31 years old and using a pillbox to keep up with my medications. I came to Dr. Kabir for my 2 year olds health problems, but in getting to know our family he suggested that I try Nutrition Response Testing. In all honesty I believed that I could outsmart the testing and that it didn't really work. But as hard as I tried, there was no way to outsmart it! It really works! In my first two weeks I lost 13 pounds!

Nutrition Response Testing has challenged the way I think…the way I think about what I eat andthe way I feed my family. It is a big challenge, but the one thing that keeps me focused is the total difference in my health and the way I feel! I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! Nutrition Response Testing is the answer! I am off of all of my medications, haven't had a UTI in 6 months, no longer have headaches and have lost over 30 pounds! Not only that, but using what I have learned through my Nutrition Response Testing, I am passing on a legacy of health to my young children! What an incredible gift to give to my family!"

- Lindsey H.

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